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This English version of my originally  German Palm fonts page is provided for convenience of those who are interested in these fonts but do not speak German. I apologize for my poor English.

The Palm operating system version 3.5 does not provide a possibility to install and choose one's own fonts. A resourceful programmer by the name of Sergey Menshikov created a so-called hack for this purpose, which makes this possible: FontHack123. I designed some FontHack-fonts for special purposes.

Ancient Greek Fonts

The following fonts contain ancient Greek characters (breathings, accents) with the character mapping of SMK GreekKeys. The only other font of that kind, which I know of, is Nicaea.

Font: Helbetike, a font, whose style is modelled on Helvetica (somewhat grown broad).
Example: Mat. 2, 1 ff. in the open source program  Bible Reader 1.0 R3 (not to be confused with Olive Tree's free BibleReader, whose data format is not disclosed, wherefore one cannot make one's own Bible text files for it.)
Font: HelbetikeNarrow, a very narrow variant of the preceding font.
Example: The same as above.
Font: Britannike, a font, whose style is modelled on Times.
Example: The beginning of Plato's Res publica (Politeia) in Palm Reader 1.1.4
Font: BritannikeBold, a bold variant of Britannike.
Example: The same as above with HelbetikeNarrow.

Hebrew Fonts

In the following fonts the glyphs 224 through 250 are occupied by Hebrew characters. Besides the characters of the US-ASCII charset are contained in a similar style (except special characters like procent sign, dollar sign, ampersand etc.), but sof pasuq instead of period and maqqef instead of hyphen.

Font: EnGedi
Bsp.: Gen. 1, 1 ff. in Bible Reader. The text has been made by Joseph S. Parks and is offered on his homepage  for download. The reversed direction has been produced by Backhack. Unfortunately this hack reverses the direction of any text, even the title line of the program. More sophisticated solutions are available but cost money.
Font: BeerScheba
Example: Gen. 1, 1 ff. in Bible Reader.
Font: US-ASCII characters, above BeerScheba, below EnGedi. In BeerScheba uppercase and lowercase letters are identical.
Example: A section from Douglas Adams' "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe".

Coptic Font

I do not know of any standard character mapping for Coptic fonts. The following is a study of concept which essentially uses the mapping of Beta coding, but with certain proprietary supplements.

Font: Makarios
Example: Mat. 26, 1 ff. (from G. Steindorff's Kurzer Abriß der Koptischen Grammatik [Brief survey of Coptic grammar] from 1921) in Palm Reader.


Font: narrow, a slightly modified version of Narrowfont by  Michael Nordström (micke@sslug.dk) and  Robert O'Connor (rob@medicalmnemonics.com).
Example: A short section from Douglas Adams' "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" in the open source doc-reader CSpotRun 1.1.2

 Download Fonts (zip archive with 36,6 KB)

Nobody is perfect: if you discover errors or have proposals for improvement, please send me an e-mail.

Author: Michael Neuhold (contact by e-mail)
Last change: July 8th 2006