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greekconverter Demo Applet

This English version of the German original is provided for convenience of those who are interested in greekconverter but do not speak German. I apologize for my poor English.


The demo applet invokes the various procedures of greekconverter and provides the following functionality:

Known problems

The demo applet works with Internet Explorer from version 5.0 onwards and the Java virtual machine Kaffe. The Java plugin for Netscape 6 & Co. (Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror) uses - at least under Linux - a not Unicode-enabled text area widget. I have no experiences with Opera so far.

Conversion into GreekKeys cannot be demonstated, because it needs a byte stream instead of characters (the Java String class always converts characters into an internal Unicode representation, where not possible the character is replaced by a question mark on output).

If you read this, your browser is not Java enabled or you hava deactivated Java in your security settings.

Author: Michael Neuhold (contact by e-mail)
Last change: Mar 24th 2017